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Paul interviewed on Afterlife TV


Says host Bob Olson, of the interview:

Here’s one for your favorites list. I thought this interview was going to be about channeling, and it turned out to be so much more. Paul Selig is the first channel I’ve interviewed, which is cool in itself. Yet even better, Paul channels wisdom from his guides 3 times during the interview. It’s a sight to see. But more importantly, Paul discusses the wisdom he’s channeled for his 3 books, which reveal (a) the structures that have set us up for fear, (b) how we can operate at a higher level in order to live with more love and less fear, and (c) how to fully tap into our divine self and live as self-realized beings, thereby reclaiming our divine self, worth, and purpose. Listening to Paul during this interview lifted my energy and made me feel more hopeful and empowered as a human being. What better compliment can I give him? I hope it does the same for you.

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Excerpt from The Book of Knowing and Worth, at Vivid Life

vivid-lifeAt Vivid Life, read an excerpt from The Book of Knowing and Worth.

Here’s a snippet:

The lives you live, the lives all of you live, have been predicated by history that is coming to an end. And we say “to an end” in a good way. The lives you have known that you have decided upon and aligned to were created for you to fulfill an experience, and the experience that was fulfilled has brought you to where you stand today; where you stand today in all of your creations, in all you have agreed to, shaken hands with and claimed.

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Paul interviewed on Angels in the Buff

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Excerpt from The Book of Knowing and Worth at Vivid Life

At Vivid Life, read an excerpt from The Book of Knowing and Worth.

Here’s a snippet:

Claiming Your Divinity

F28DCB1C-2E18-482C-B9DF-0E50B4113E39-300x199The lives that you live, tethered to this physical plane, are finite. You have this body this time around. You have this engagement with your fellows this time around, and the next time around, when you come back to sing some more, you have chosen a different identity to engage through. But the eternal you travels with you. She is unchanged and she knows her name. Continue reading “Excerpt from The Book of Knowing and Worth at Vivid Life” »

Paul is featured in OM Times


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Paul on Mysterious TV

From Mysterious TV, a promo spot for an upcoming video of Paul’s channeled lecture in Atlanta!

Paul Named One of the Top Psychics in New York Magazine!

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Paul at New York Magazine Photo Shoot


Paul Selig on the BIO Channel’s uneXplained!

The BIO Channel’s uneXplained will be re-airing episodes featuring Paul. Scroll down for a preview.

Saturday, August 10 @ 11:30AM “Trapped in His Body”
Saturday, August 17 @ 10:00AM “The Lost Memories of My Childhood”

Paul Selig on The Shelly Wilson Show


Tomorrow (7/24/2013) Paul will be on The Shelly Wilson Show.

Visit the website and call in to speak with the host (347) 308-8250.