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Paul Selig

Psychic, teacher, and author of the channeled texts, I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth.

Selected Channelings

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New at the Audio & Video Downloads page:  “Introduction to Mastery,” a video of Paul Selig’s August 20, 2014 channeled webinar, recorded in New York City (1 hour, 4 minutes).

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paul-selig-downloads-imgA new channeled lecture is available at the Audio & Video Downloads page: “The Subud Workshop” – full audio from Paul Selig’s workshop at the Subud Center, July 31, 2014 – New York, NY (1 hour 26 minutes).

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paul-selig-downloads-imgFive new lectures channeled by Paul Selig, recorded June 22, 2014 in Boulder, CO, are available at the audio and video downloads page:

“The Evolution of The Species (Part 1)” ( 22 minutes 20 seconds)

“The Evolution of the Species (Part 2)”  (14 minutes 02 seconds)

“The Mudra of Creation”  (19 minutes, 45 seconds)

“The Thunderbolt Lecture”  (10 minutes 50 seconds)

“Allowing and Reception” (16 minutes 44 seconds)

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New Paul Selig Channeling Video now Available for Download


New at the Audio & Video Downloads page:  “Knowing Who You Are,” a video of Paul Selig‘s June 25, 2014 channeled Teleseminar, recorded in New York City (51 minutes 15 seconds).

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New audio download available: “Working with the Word”


paul-selig-downloads-imgA new lecture is available at the audio downloads page: “Working with the Word” – A Channeled Lecture from Paul Selig, June 7, 2014 – Atlanta, GA (10 min 49 seconds).

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New channeling: The Mountain of Lies

(The following is an excerpt from a channeling delivered in a workshop in Burlington, Vermont on April 27, 2014. The entire lecture is available on the Audio Downloads page.)

The denial of your worth, of your divine worth, creates great calamity on this plane and you don’t even see it, but the out-picturing of fear on this plane is witnessed by you every day, but you don’t know that you are in participation to this. The creations of man, out-pictured all around her, are to be known.

Everything that is created is created in intention. When you are creating in fear, you support fear, you align to fear and you claim more fear to you. So many of the structures you see before you are tainted by fear if they are not composed of it. What do we mean by this? When you build a wall to keep your petunias safe you may be safeguarding your property. This is not a terrible thing. But when you fear the others encroaching you and you build a wall to keep yourself safe you are creating a construct in fear, and the embellishment of fear has many ways of disguising itself. “I will be safer if my wall is high.” “I will only let people like me on my side of the wall.” “We will create laws to protect what we believe in at the cost of their needs.” “If they are not like us they will stay there and if they come to us for food or shelter, damn them.”

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Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “Change”

old-shoes1-300x241At Patheos, Paul has posted “Change,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on September 26, 2013.

We will ask Paul a question – what do you want?  That’s your question now.  What do you want?  You will all ask this question eventually because you are in a position to begin to claim in a new way.  The self-identification you’ve had up until today has been released by you each in a new claim of worth.  Consequently, what you have created in accord with old patterns or old requirements of being are being relinquished to new ways, to new possibilities, to new choices that may be made by you in new ways.

You stand in your own ways, each and every one of you, when you question your worth. “Will I get what I want?”  is equivalent to saying, “Am I worthy of what I want?”  And “Am I worthy of what I want?”  is the question you can only ask yourself. Are you worthy of what you say you are, the life you may choose, the creations you may create?  Are you worthy of the song that would be sung as you? Are you worthy of the life that you would lead if you gave yourself permission?

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Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “War and Peace”

Germania-War-and-PeaceAt Patheos, Paul has posted “War and Peace,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in Brooklyn, New York, on August 4, 2013.

Until you all realize that there is no need for war, you will war. But you believe that you need war and you agree to it each and every day you see it. “Well, there is a war,” and you are in agreement with the war. Now, Paul is in the way, “Well, they don’t believe in it but they agree with it, those are two different things.” In fact, they are the same thing. To believe in something is to agree with it, which means to be in accord. “I will defy that war. I will fight that war,” is engaging in war against war and what does that get you but more war?

How do you live your lives but in agreement with structure? “There is the post office, I will mail my letter. I know it will be delivered in two days because that is my right. There is my doctor, he will tell me what is wrong and I will pay him a bill and I will be well or not. I see my schools. I see my universities. I know I don’t need them but I go to them because if I don’t go to them I will not be recognized and I have to play the game.” The game we spoke of in the beginning is the big thing you have all invested in and until you realize it you will continue to perpetuate it because you believe it’s needed.

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Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “Walking Through the Wall”

The-Beginning-is-Near-288x300At Patheos, Paul has posted “Walking Through the Wall,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on June 6, 2013.

Word I am Word. Why do you know yourselves in certain ways? Why do you claim identity in your history? Why can’t you see yourself as you truly are? This is your teaching for tonight. We want you to walk through the walls today in the understanding that the walls were never really there, that the obstacles that you use to protect yourself from what you say you want were created by you and for you and are illusory.

There is no one in this room who is not free to choose the life she wants. When you know the life you want is your inheritance you are claiming the kingdom. But the kingdom, as we see it, has very little to do with what you were taught to want. So you must understand the difference here – the life that you have chosen so far has been in agreement with your teachings: your father’s teaching, your lover’s teaching, your mother’s and son’s, those around you who taught you who you were. And you said, “OK, that is who I am and I go about my way in agreement with these teachings.” . . . [Read the rest]

Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “Change and Growth”

change-300x199At Patheos, Paul has posted “Change and Growth,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on April 18, 2013.

We will welcome you each tonight to a new dawn.  A new day is coming, but not without some trials.  And when you face a time of trials you must understand that there is a time of significance at hand.  Paul is already frightened, “No more trials.  What’s going to happen to me?”  This is not about Paul.  This is a shift in consciousness that is going to take place over the next six weeks or so, as people acclimate to new possibilities that in some cases may be born in fear.

When you have a time that is created for fear, you must understand that what you withstand is the fallout of the frequency that has been generated to obscure the light.  If you think of an ash that goes up to the sun from a volcano, the volcano is purging – the ash is released.  It appears to be dark but the sun still shines and what you witness before you is a manifestation of fear in the guise of control. . . . [ Read the rest ]

Channeled Text posted by Paul Selig at Patheos: “A New History”

one-robe-to-another-300x203At Patheos, Paul has posted “A New History,” a transcription of a channeled lecture delivered in New York City on March 14, 2013.

Channeling 10/7/10 “The Song of Yes”

(The following is the transcript of a channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on October 7, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have a lot to do tonight and we are thrilled for the company.  The work is progressing, whether or not you see it and you must understand this: Sometimes the work’s progression does not feel right, does not feel like progress because you are disbanding the requirements that you have held up until now to be yourself.  And you don’t feel like yourself.  You don’t feel right.  And consequently you believe that the work is not progressing.  But that’s really not the case.   Many of you here are actually shifting very quickly these days and there is an acceleration to the frequency that is available to you when you ask for it.  But you have to ask for it.  We cannot give it to you if you don’t ask for it. Continue reading “Channeling 10/7/10 “The Song of Yes”” »

Channeling 9/2/10 “Claiming Worth”

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling that was conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on September 2, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We have to teach them tonight.  And tonight’s as good a night as any to know what you want to be with your life.  How about that for news?  What if you knew, tonight, what you wanted your life to be about?  How would that feel to be able to articulate a need so simply that you could express it to a group of people?  How would it feel to be able to say in truth, “I am this man who does this thing,” “I am this woman who does this thing and I want to be myself in fullness, in truth and in recognition of my knowing as a Divine Being.” Continue reading “Channeling 9/2/10 “Claiming Worth”” »

Channeling 8/19/10 “The Class of Creation”

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on August 19, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We will start with Paul and let him do his talk so we can get on with the lesson tonight and there is a lesson planned and we have been patient to give it.  And we are pleased with for the configuration tonight.  This is actually very beneficial to everybody and we want to talk to you all as an entity, and you are an entity when you work together.  And you must understand this,  that the Divine Self that you are, in fact, creating as yourself is what is coming together with others.  Forget personality.  Forget what it feels like for a few moments and quite simply remember that you are one with others and that the work that is done together will create new love, new life and massive change. Continue reading “Channeling 8/19/10 “The Class of Creation”” »

Channeling 8/12/10 “Teaching the Word”

(The following is the transcript of a channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on August 12, 2010.  It was followed by group and indiviidual energy work.)

We are going to work on you each, but not yet. We have to teach tonight and “teaching” is the theme.  And what it means to be a teacher in frequency in your knowing of yourself as an aspect of your Creator.

When you decide that this is who you are, it happens very quickly.  Once the attunement is set, the energy is present for you to work with as you choose.  And “as you choose” means, “as you decide that you are available to teach.”  What does it mean to be a teacher in frequency?  It quite simply means that you are an energy system, and that your energy system implies through resonance to others what they can achieve in energetic evolution. And that is the key here.  It is about evolution, and decisions to become what you say you can become. Continue reading “Channeling 8/12/10 “Teaching the Word”” »

Channeling 8/5/10 “Truth”

(The following is the transcript of a channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on August 5, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We want to talk about truth.  What is your truth?  How do you define your truth?  Where do you see your truth in your daily life?  You have to ask yourself this every day in order to be truthful.  So many of you, still, are anchoring in fear as your daily existence by negating your truth.  And as you negate your truth you bring permission to other things to come in its place.  It’s really very simple.  As each one of you states “I am in my knowing, I am Word through my knowing,” you create the possibility of truth.  As you anchor your truth it becomes who you are, and what you do is always in truth.

We are trying to be clear with you tonight because you have misconceptions about what this work is and what it means to be activated.  And this is actually very important: To be activated means to be in truth in your conduct, in your integrity, and in your love.  To be in truth in your conduct quite simply means that you do not lie to yourself or to others in any way, shape or form.  It cannot be convenient to be in untruth any more because it takes you out of frequency.  And this is actually very important.  When you are taken out of frequency, you have to become balanced again.  And being balanced again means to be in the light and in the truth of who you are.  To be in your integrity, we will say, is to be in your honor.   And to be in your honor means how you conduct yourself, again, is in truth.  Your honor is what you bring to each situation you are in. Continue reading “Channeling 8/5/10 “Truth”” »

Channeling 7/29/10 “Trust and Allowance”

(The following is a transcript of the lecture portion of a group channeling by Paul Selig held in New York City on July 29, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We are going to receive you each into Word, each one present and at a distance, to be in congruence for the work to commence tonight.  And this is celebratory.  We are speaking to you each, as you have come in willingness to know yourselves in this frequency and, as you are willing, you are aligned to our frequency to support this change.  We trust you to do your work and the theme tonight is trust and allowance.  And as you allow yourselves to move into frequency, you retreat more fully into the work that needs to happen.

The choices that you make in the frequency of Word will require you to announce yourselves to one another in ways that you will feel.  And by “feel” we mean in frequency, in knowing, in allowing, in choosing to accept your aspect of your creative selves; the selves that you are, at essence, which are Divine, moving into alignment with the Great Light that you are an aspect of. Continue reading “Channeling 7/29/10 “Trust and Allowance”” »

Channeling 7/8/10 “Freedom and Jurisdiction”

(The following is the transcript of a group channeling conducted in New York City on July 7, 2010 by Paul Selig.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

We are ready to talk tonight, and it’s about freedom and jurisdiction, and what you have control over and what you do not.  Now as you come into manifestation as Word, you control things in frequency through intention, but you do not bring outcomes to be.  And if you confuse yourselves that you are the one in control of an outcome, you will become disappointed because your freedom is really to be the one in jurisdiction of your choice.

Now we will speak about manifestation in a moment and what this really means.  But we will speak to you now about what you want and what you believe you want, which are actually two different things.  On a consciousness level, you have incarnated to become yourselves as Word.  To vibrate in that frequency is your choice and your action as you engage with us at this level of teaching.  However, when you are frightened of your choices, you command fear, and when you create in choice out of things that you were told you were to do, you have a very bad experience in choice.

Now we explain.  When you are growing up and you are taught that there are things that you want, you go into agreement because that is the expectation.  And on a cultural level, this continues until the grave for too many people who are believing that what they want is in control of their choice, and that what they want is decided for them by the actions of those around them.  “I am supposed to be a teacher.  My father was a teacher.”  “I am supposed to be a nun.  They need a nun in the family.”  You understand these kinds of thoughts.  They are created for you and they are paradigms.  Now locally, they ascribe to cultures.  But on a planetary level, they operate differently and much of what is going on right now is not cultural.  The planet is actually shifting its matrix and the choices that can be made now in freedom will be congruent with your soul’s intention for you.

Understand this, please.  Your soul’s intention for you may be completely different from what you decree on a level of soul ideal, and that is what you believe yourself to be in limitation.  When you act in this limitation, you are creating from it and, consequently, the work that happens in your work as a soul is created through that matrix of control.

Now this is a time when people are choosing anew because the paradigms, the structures that they have adhered to no longer are saving them.  They are no longer in fruition to what they were ascribed to bring forth.  When you no longer believe that the actions that you take will bring about the desired result that you were told they would, you have new choices to make.  And seeking the self in choice at a higher level will bring this into being very rapidly.

Now each one of you tonight has made a choice already to relinquish the paradigm of restriction that states what we are telling you could not come to pass.  However, you are still in the belief that you have to be in agreement with your culture as you move through this.  And tonight we would like to break out of that and this means, very simply, that you are no longer going to care what is expected of you externally for approval, for benefit and for requirements of choice that are born out of fear. “If I don’t wear a suit to my job, I will be in trouble with my boss.”  Well, that is choice if you choose to wear the suit.  But if you are frightened of your boss and you are taming yourself in your clothing to anoint yourself to somebody else’s desires for you, what are you gaining?

Now we are not asking you to go out and quit your jobs.  We are trying to give you an illustration of how you operate when you are acting as if someone else is in control of your choices.  And we will tell you this: The requirement for this time is that you be in your discernment of what you are choosing.

Now you can decide today that you do not have to do what you have always done and that will be fine.  However, you continue to do it until you are allowed on a level or frequency to move beyond what you have created.  When you decide today that you don’t need to be where you were, you don’t necessarily walk out the door.  At times that is quite the right thing to do.  At other times, you have to wait and resolve yourself in frequency, which simply means you have to change you consciousness in order to allow the change to come to be.

When you decide something without making a change in consciousness, you do not always create from the new paradigm, and we have spoken to you in the past about the requirement of knowing.  “I am in my knowing.”  And that states that you are in resonance with your requirement at a consciousness level.  When you choose from your knowing, you are in your integrity.  You are in the action of your choice and you are resolved at a higher level to move forward.  That is very different than storming out of a job and slamming the door behind you only to realize you forgot to pay your rent and now you need the money.  Do you understand the difference?

When you are teaching yourself how to operate in frequency, you must learn that your requirement is to be in consciousness as “I am in my knowing,” and this will align you to what you need to do to create movement.  “I am Word through this intention to be in my knowing” will support you in this action.

So we are teaching you tonight that the choices that you make may no longer be in service to the requirements of others’ for you.  “I am supposed to be like this.” “I must be like that.” “They need me to be this way in order to support them.”  Those are all choices that are created through an external relationship that is not born out of your need.  When you learn what you need, you are actually of much more benefit to those who you support, to those around you, and to those you help in their own journeys.  When you are pretending or you are in adherence to good behavior, you are acting out of restriction and falsehood.  Do you understand what we are saying, yes?

Now tonight, we want to love you.  And what this means is we wish to offer you in frequency the providence of love and the choice to exist as this frequency.  In order to do this, you have to relinquish the desire to be controlled by external beings and structures and belief systems that would keep you in limitation.  So the action that we give you tonight is, in fact, “I am in my freedom, I am in my choice and I am learning what I need in order to bring this into being.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”

Channeling 7/3/10 “Traditions”

(The following is the transcript of a channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on July 3, 2010.  It was followed by group and individual energy work.)

Thank you each for being here.  And tonight is a night of celebration on many levels.  And the first level we want to speak about is an introduction to love.  And that is actually happening within each of you now and what this really means is that the gate has been opened and love is coming forth and you will each experience this in the way that is appropriate to you, but you will know it.  It will come in a way you can understand and express.  We say express because “in love” is not a passive thing.  You become the receptor and you become the action of love as you love.  As you love you are loved, you become love and that is who you are.

Now the celebration we speak of is happening on many levels, and we will teach you what it means to be a solver of problems and corrector of issues as you embody as your Christed itself.  As you become yourself in this vibration, what you call to you will transform your lives.  We teach you this with the intent that you are the teachers.  We teach you this with the understanding that you are understood by those you encounter and we align you in the beneficence of your love for your brothers.

As you become the love that you incarnate as your traditions will evolve and this group will become a harboring for many who seek love and can be held in love.  And your jobs will be to record this, to embrace those who require it and teach the healing that you have been taught.  Now those of you who are new are thinking this must not be for me, but that is not the case.  Your traditions will be changing as well and your love will be encountering the love of those you express your love to.  This is not  abstract, Paul.  He is commenting in the back room and we are stopping to correct him.  The expression of love incarnate is the embodiment of Christ.  That is who he was.  Those who have come in His path, those before and after who have sung the song of God incarnate have sung this as well and this is the song we sing through Paul that we sing to you.  As you hear it, as you create with it, you evolve into it and it is choice, it is choice and it is here.

“Tonight I choose to embody as love.  Tonight I express myself in love and I herald this song to those who would hear me.  I am here as myself in my willingness to embody as love.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”  What you say when you say this is “Yes, I have come and I am present.  And as I say yes, I align my frequency to heal, to be healed, to be the healer in the frequency of love.”

Now we speak of traditions, and we want to say what this means.  When we speak of a tradition, we talk about a uniform action that is put in place to heal and to absolve.  When we speak “I am Word,” we are teaching you a sermon and a song and a tradition.  When we speak “I am Word through my body,” we are healing you in our language so that you can heal others with the same.  And when something is tradition, it is held in esteem and it is recognized, a handshake, a kiss on the lips or on the cheek, a touch on the forehead; all are traditions that have been held in recognition of one’s brother, and your love tonight will be the vibration that we work with.

Now our teaching you will teach you how to choose what is valuable to you as you move forward.  As you recognize in your own lives those things that no longer merit attention, as you see these things for what they are, you acknowledge them and you thank them for what they have taught you and then you go on and you change your course of action.  Do you understand?

You have each been entitled to a vibration that is shared in a response by this group through our work, and as you continue on your frequency requires you to change things.  What are these things that are no longer vibrating with you?  Look at your lives tonight and ask yourself “Where am I not safe in myself? Where do I doubt my worth?  Where do I live, and is it concurrent with my feelings of myself or does it need to be transformed?  Who do I love?  Why do I not love?  What is not working?  Why do I have it today and am I willing to allow it to release?”

The choice to say “yes” in frequency requires this.  You cannot sing the song and harbor the old frequency of yelling at the self in recrimination or being frightened of your father or your mother or your son.  You cannot allow yourselves to become the one empowered by your rage because it feels appropriate culturally.  You are now teaching others as yourselves.  And what this means, very simply, is your frequency.  Your choice to Word is being seen and heard in the higher levels of others’ frequencies and they are responding to you as this light you claim you are.

So when you do this, you have to choose what is now learned behavior and what is a new thought that will heal you, that will carry you forward.  Are we speaking in a way that you can understand?  Yes?

We ask you this because we are working through Paul’s system tonight in a lower frequency so he can feel the shifts that will be occurring more practically.  We have been speaking very quickly through him lately and we are toning things down for this experience for a reason.  The truth of who you are as an embodied woman, as an embodied man is about to be expressed as love and we said to you earlier you will know it, you will feel it, it will be a doorway for you to express yourselves in this vibration.

So now we would like to get to work with this group in the way that is most appropriate.  Would you each stand by your chair and we will teach you as we work.  We will start with the acknowledgement of your worth.  Would each one present take one moment to think about themselves as worthy of this experience, as worthy of love, as worthy of expression as love.  Will each one present decide tonight that you are allowed, you are permitted, you are free in healing to be loved and to embody as love.  Take this time and meditate on it.  When you are ready, we will begin.

(Energy work commences)

Now we want to call to you each the fear of being loved so that you can understand what it is.  The fear of being loved is a creation that each man and woman holds that stops them from allowing themselves the intimacy they say that they require with themselves, with their fellows and with their Creator.  This is a manifestation of deceit.  It is a creation of a lie.  It has been held in place for far too long in the energy fields of all men and women.

Now if we are to discard this, we must understand it for the lie that it is.  When you have chosen to believe it, you have gone into agreement with it and you have chosen the lie.  When you have believed the lie, you agree with it and you agree with those who believe it as well; so it becomes a multiple creation.  The belief that you cannot be loved in a full expression of yourself as who you are has become an obstacle that must be cleared for once and for all.  If you are going to do this work, you cannot adhere to it any more.  You must decide tonight that the belief that you are not loved, that you could not be loved, is a lie.

Are you willing tonight to relinquish the need to adhere to and to agree with this creation of the deceiver?  We say that word intentionally.  We are not talking about devils, we are talking about a creation in deceit.  So the correct way to express it is to release the need to agree with that deceiver.

“I am now choosing to release the need to agree with and to adhere to any belief that I am not allowed to be loved in any way, shape or form.  And I am choosing to relinquish this belief to those guides, those beings who are here working with us tonight to herald me into a new freedom, incarnation as love.  I am now choosing this.  I express it.  And on this time I claim my absolution of the fear that has controlled me throughout time.  I am Word through this intention to release myself from this bondage of fear.  Word I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”

(Energy work commences)

We will gift you with this now.  Become a receptor of love and choose it in this way:

“On this night I accept myself as a vehicle of love.  And as I express myself in this frequency, I am known to my brothers and to my sisters and to all men and women as this frequency.  I do not need to effort it.  It is embodied as me.  It is a creation of love that I co-exist in.  And I give my thanks for the opportunity to become myself in love.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”